Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"

i would...

i woudl vary the piano at the begining up a bit. not like change the piano loop. i mean, play the 4 (or however many measures) of piano you have one or two times then the ne3xt time you loop it change one note or two notes then change it even more until you have a blip of a solo or it's completely changed. ya know? build up to the change to keep our eyes going. "omg awesome!!...still awesome...that was cool."
yeah you vary things very well, you vary all the snyths a lot and the drums and keep me guessing. but the piano needs some of that too. :D i love the song and it's going on my dubstep CD that i listen to in my room on full blast when i write. (dont worry i make no money off this CD, it's a personal use CD i rock out to)

:D :D :D

Great song, the snare is cut off too low. If a snare comes through my sub more than my speakers then it needs to be changed :P

Oh hai

Fix up those high ends then your good to go. Snare needs more high punchiness too.


Fuck yeah!

Yes, more moody stuff, I like it when you make this shit. Mix sounds pre' good but the snare sounds a bit muffled. Otherwise perfect though. You needa' get these new tunes your doing on a label.

its over 9000!

lmao. power tune man.

just sickly charged. like damn. Some parts of it kind of felt like it should jump up in tempo a bit. like the power groove though.

sick man. wicked.