Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"

Why don't my speakers go louder!!!!

No other words.
Just so damn epic.
You don't need advice man.
You nailed it right on the spot.

awesomesauce in song form

I am fairly sure this song could defeat Giygas.

blew my brains out!!!!!

my GOD!!!!! what an intense build!!!!! only criticism I can only give is that, u could possibly mix up the drums a little more @ 2:04 to vary it up a bit. but,,,,,,,,, this has bee stuck in my head for a whollllllllllllllle week straight now........................... repeat.

oh my sweet god...

This shit is so gawd damn filthy, i now have to have to carry spare pants in my truck when this shit comes on my ipod.
this song is very cleanly put together, even though its truly filthy as a hobos acorns. very professionally leveled, and the transitions are top notch.

props my friend PROPSS!!!!

-Jumpin' (to dis shhhiiit all damn night)


u r one hell of a producer, but i think the snare has maybe a lil too much high end and not enoough mids