Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"

Much, much love

I've always loved your mixing and mastering on your kicks and snares, they sound amazing! :D
Combined with awesome effects and cool wobbles, you've done it again! :D

its really good

but how do i download

xKore responds:

click the floppy disc to the right of the licensing terms


I might be to late but I think the drop could be more significant. Just a bit.

After listening to it several times

I think this is your best work up to date!
Only thing to me is that this sounds a bit compressed. Especially the bass.
And i'm now listening to it on normal speakers with a subwoofer.

But goybadiddididamn! This is awesome.

This is too sick.

But I was wondering, when I download this, is it a 320?