Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"

I really like it

I love the hi pitched screech at 2:30 I think maybe that is what you need just a bit more of to top off the song. Not that screech in particular but just a couple more higher octave noises at a few select parts of the really hard dubstep sections. Also I'd like to mess around with the song in FL studio a bit myself so I was wondering what scale is this song in?


Only thing I can imagine fixing on this song is making it longer xD


So motherfucking heavy. The only thing I didn't like was the bell-sounding instrument. It added airiness to what is definitely a dark and heavy piece.

Aside from that, well thought out. I can't wait to here the full version of this.


everything this man makes is gold

This is still WIP?

Cant wait till the full version comes out it pretty SICK!!!
this should be on the top 500 songs dude cause this is KICKASS!!!

GREAT job mate! :D