Reviews for "Bubble-Blower"


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Nicy nice

Lets face it... this is a good solid game! The collision detection could use a little work... but honestly, it's fun, challenging, and addictive!

Very good!

That game is so simple yet so addictive. I wish I had imagination like you =]

My Personal Best was 346...

Also I noticed a bug in the game... If you start blowing up your bubble and then right click and click somewhere else then a bubble appears at point (0,0) on the screen and it can change your score to 13.5

But apart from that it's great!

Fion responds:

Simple? Yes. Addicting? Well okay. Imagination? That's just out of the question.

I scored 340 just testing the game to see if it works :D you should play some more, get a better score.

Simple fix for the bug, just don't do it. I'm really lazy and cannot be bothered fixing it, I'm sorry.

Thanks for your review


Pretty good, but when your blowing the bubble, you can let the bubble disappear and then move to a different spot, start blowing, and the bubble didnt lose its size. That sorta defeats the purpose, dont you think? Other than that, good job.

Fion responds:

You're actually supposed to be able to do that. It's helpful so that you don't get stuck in one spot with balls closing in on you and it has a glimmer of difficulty where you need to remember the size of the bubble before you start blowing it up again or you'll pop it straight off on something you didn't realize was close enough. I don't see why you liked this game :S thanks anyway I guess.

302... that's got to be a pretty large score? This was a fun timewaster, and props for an original idea as well, but as a reward it would be nice with some form of highscores. Keep it going!