Reviews for "Bubble-Blower"

It's very good

but the collision detection seems to be a bit unfair, the bubble bursts before the balls even touch it.

Fion responds:

Fixed that.

only two problems...

Need a bigger screen to play on...
and you need to check the collision. I hit stuff that was about 2 inches away from me.

Still a good concept!

Fion responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/por tal/content/content.php?id=38 3692&name=383692_bubblepop.sw f&title=Bubble-Blower&date=11 81880000&quality=b&uj=0&w=687 &h=500
Use that link to play on a bigger screen.

I fixed the collisions problem.

Preety good!

This game look really good, and is kind of addictive! My personal best is 257 points. I really like thios game's idea, and maybe in a later verison you could add more levels!

Fion responds:

257??? You need to try harder, get back to playing. :D

As far as later versions go, I don't really think there will be any. This was just a one off boredom crusher.

Good game

I won't really get into seriously critiquing it since it was made in 3 hours. Graphics were meh, music was annoying, gameplay was brilliant.

My best score was 419.

Fion responds:

Thanks for the comments buddy ;). This game was kinda made just to pass time real quick, I just blurted out some code and decided to make a game. Glad you liked the game play.

nice game

that was a pretty fun game. it had an easy concept to it, though it was quite fun to play... got quite addicting, though repetitive after awhile. done in only 3 hours maybe so, but as far as i'm concerned, those 3 hours were very well spent on the making of this game here. good job.

Fion responds:

Cool glad you liked it. It was just a short game and I'm surprised you thought it was good.

Thanks for the review.