Reviews for "Bubble-Blower"

It's very good

but the collision detection seems to be a bit unfair, the bubble bursts before the balls even touch it.

Fion responds:

Fixed that.

cool game

cool game i actually enjoyed it!

Fion responds:



Genric...just another game...
Firstly get the hittests sorted out, the collision detection is WAY OFF, second, make some levels and diffuculty, and third inject some of that good ol' fun!

Fion responds:

I agree, this was horribly boring!

I fixed the hittest, I can't be arsed making levels and difficulty, and I left all the fun in your games.


I felt like Star Jones! You know, before. Funny and exciting! Good concept! Never seen such a unique game. Gratz!

Fion responds:


got potential

The game as it stands is quite boring.

Try adding levels, difficulties,or time limmit to reach a certain size etc..

Even improving the graphics will help

Also the bubble gets popped even before the balls hit it, summit like 5 mm.

Only needs a few improvements.

Fion responds:

Yeah, it was just a quick project and couldn't be bothered leaving lying around untouched for awhile so I just submitted as is. I did fix the hitTest issue though.