Reviews for "Bubble-Blower"

Good game

I won't really get into seriously critiquing it since it was made in 3 hours. Graphics were meh, music was annoying, gameplay was brilliant.

My best score was 419.

Fion responds:

Thanks for the comments buddy ;). This game was kinda made just to pass time real quick, I just blurted out some code and decided to make a game. Glad you liked the game play.


Pretty good, but when your blowing the bubble, you can let the bubble disappear and then move to a different spot, start blowing, and the bubble didnt lose its size. That sorta defeats the purpose, dont you think? Other than that, good job.

Fion responds:

You're actually supposed to be able to do that. It's helpful so that you don't get stuck in one spot with balls closing in on you and it has a glimmer of difficulty where you need to remember the size of the bubble before you start blowing it up again or you'll pop it straight off on something you didn't realize was close enough. I don't see why you liked this game :S thanks anyway I guess.

Very good!

That game is so simple yet so addictive. I wish I had imagination like you =]

My Personal Best was 346...

Also I noticed a bug in the game... If you start blowing up your bubble and then right click and click somewhere else then a bubble appears at point (0,0) on the screen and it can change your score to 13.5

But apart from that it's great!

Fion responds:

Simple? Yes. Addicting? Well okay. Imagination? That's just out of the question.

I scored 340 just testing the game to see if it works :D you should play some more, get a better score.

Simple fix for the bug, just don't do it. I'm really lazy and cannot be bothered fixing it, I'm sorry.

Thanks for your review

Preety good!

This game look really good, and is kind of addictive! My personal best is 257 points. I really like thios game's idea, and maybe in a later verison you could add more levels!

Fion responds:

257??? You need to try harder, get back to playing. :D

As far as later versions go, I don't really think there will be any. This was just a one off boredom crusher.

only two problems...

Need a bigger screen to play on...
and you need to check the collision. I hit stuff that was about 2 inches away from me.

Still a good concept!

Fion responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/por tal/content/content.php?id=38 3692&name=383692_bubblepop.sw f&title=Bubble-Blower&date=11 81880000&quality=b&uj=0&w=687 &h=500
Use that link to play on a bigger screen.

I fixed the collisions problem.