Reviews for "Bubble-Blower"

302... that's got to be a pretty large score? This was a fun timewaster, and props for an original idea as well, but as a reward it would be nice with some form of highscores. Keep it going!


Nicy nice

Lets face it... this is a good solid game! The collision detection could use a little work... but honestly, it's fun, challenging, and addictive!


so... wanna have sex?....ring me?


hey pretty good... but like that one guy said, i wouldnt get to attached to it...

nice game

that was a pretty fun game. it had an easy concept to it, though it was quite fun to play... got quite addicting, though repetitive after awhile. done in only 3 hours maybe so, but as far as i'm concerned, those 3 hours were very well spent on the making of this game here. good job.

Fion responds:

Cool glad you liked it. It was just a short game and I'm surprised you thought it was good.

Thanks for the review.