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Reviews for "My Immortal I"


I think you just insulted the good name of poseur mall goths everywhere. XD

nice, but needs some work

i like it alot, but the animation needs some work, other than that is awesome.are you planing on making anymore?

Terrible fic, great flash.

She has the same name as my cat.

I'm an active Hr/Dm shipper, you rarely run into this kind of crap with that genre, thankfully. But I have unfortunately had my share of run-ins with the tween bullshit. It's most common among those who write about their ideal character as the girl Draco falls for.

Pure rubbish. But this was a hilarious flash, kudos.

Good flash :3

I thought My Immortal was quite entertaining, even if it was poorly written.
Your flash is really good, I liked it, it was funneh. :)

Looking forward to part 2.

Wonderful send up of badly written fanfics!

I thought this was an absolutely brilliant send up of all the awful fanfics out there! For someone who's never read one I could see how it would be confusing, but these emo-tweens actually put all that stuff in their fics! The cultural references, the goth talk, everything! It's surprisingly spot-on!
I loved it!