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Reviews for "My Immortal I"

That fixed the mood

It lasted the whole time i was eating stuff. Good work.

Y make a flash on a bad fanfic?

Kudos for your first time making a flash, but I really think the effort would have been better spent with a little better source material. A (and I quote from your notes) "notoriously bad fan fic" isn't a good idea for a flash. instead, try finding some GOOD fan fic's, or make your own material and work with that. Try to make a great flash, or don't post it if you know it isn't. I like the idea of being faithful to the original, I just think the original has to be good to merit a flash iteration. Anyways, I liked the style, so find better ideas and keep trying!

ian-uri responds:

the flash is supposed to be a joke,
just like the fanfic

finally it ended

wtf, sounds like you were reading a poorly written fan text, and wtf was up with certain characters going goth and hogwarts being a teen drama. Though there was some actual music, but that didn't make up for the voice "acting"

ian-uri responds:

what was wrong with the voice acting? i loved it.

Not good grahics but still good

Omfg that was pretty cool for being your fist time in animation.
I have been reading this story and its pretty intresting but the story is too long i guess well..
cant wait to see part 2

Haha oh wow.

Please, for the love of all that's still good and holy on this planet tell me that was a sarcastic parody of subcultures! I watched the movie about half-way before I had to stop. The suspense of when a tear would streak down the cheeck of a character was killing me!

As far as the actual movie goes, I like the graphics and the animation. Sure, they are far from perfect but they are stylstic enough in their own right to pass. Also good sound selection, although I'd recommend a better microphone as the voice quality seems to suffer at some points.

So... yeah. Giddily anticipating MI2...