Reviews for "A Walk in the Park!"

Great game

Very original and the banjo was great too. I wish I could play like that. It had great interactivity.And whenb you think about it a guy in a wheelchair playing the banjo is being helped by a small dog who does crazy shit. Thats funny.

i liked it

it was a calm game i realy liked the music it was a good game loved it :)

Nearly ground breaking.

This truly is classy. No sleaze, no violence, just pure clean fun with magnificent physics incorporated. By the way who made the music and where can I get it?


im going past everylevel first try ecsept one level kep messing up and falling lol

but nice and nice tricks and places to hide the bones xD


woot this was awesomenessationous game. about 15 mins later it got a lil boring. but it still gets a ten :) 2 THUMBS UP YAY.