Reviews for "A Walk in the Park!"

Both fun and original.

This is definitely the most out of the ordinary game I've ever played. It's good to see something entirely different than from what you expect from a game. Good job! = )

By the way, I am curious to know what that song that the guy was playing was, it was a pretty cool song.

felt so unique

I loved the atmosphere of the game, not to mention the fluid mechanics. I just have one question: What is the name of that song the man is playing? :D

I love it

Oh my goodness i love it. It is pure genius. Keep it up.

I actually thought it would be crap

But I guess I was wrong.

This game was great.

Graphics: Pretty good graphics, the background, dog, and owner were great.

Style: Never seen a game like this around

Sound: Nice soothing music but it got annoying later on. Thanks for the muter.

Violence: Well I love smashing the guy into walls so thats a little violence I guess....

Interactivity: Well the buttons work :D

And Humor: How many times do you see a dog flinging a guy in a WHEELCHAIR in the air. It actually made me think about that and I kind of laughed (I know I'm mean :P)

Overall: Great game. You should make another game.

Loved it

The game itself is very calming. Very subtle backgrounds and setting, the calming music going as you try to guide the two to the finish. The only level I found really challenging was 6, having to be sparing with the fly cap and just barely making it to the end. But I managed to pass it and complete the game. The graphics added alot to the game, thus it's soothing nature. The sound was very calm and relaxing, fun to listen to. The style was pretty good, platformer with a few twists, nice stuff. No violence, so I didn't put it against your score. 10 interactivity for being a game that gets you thinking at times and being just plain fun. 2 for humor because of what the ending object was XD. Good game, i'd love to see more of it.