Reviews for "A Walk in the Park!"


I thought it was terrible


Ignore that Darkside fag...

This game is great! The game was pretty original, especially the disabled owner =P
I really enjoyed the puzzles and the playing as a Chihuahua, and the music was great. Wonderful concept and result, get a sequel out pronto!

exellent :)

Very unique and well done game, I like it.

Good concept

Yea, im sure it was a good game and all but it just didnt make any sense seing the dog carrying his wheelchaired owner with a leash. Good music, soothing and all. Dont listen to my bad comments though, i just aint a dog person. good feel overall.

loved it

It really was a fun game with a good idea behind it. The music was excellent it ended up me just playing the game just for the music.

i cant wait to see what other projects you come out with.