Reviews for "A Walk in the Park!"

Wonderful Game!

This game was reallllly nice! The most amazing thing about it is just that simple, relaxed feeling. The dog is really cute, too, and the barking actually confused my dogs.

A couple minor nitpick: I'd like to be able to jump less than the maximum amount sometimes, and the guitar--while wonderfully soothing--looped too quickly and started to grate on me after the first few levels, similar to listening to ukelele music over and over again.

Still, tho, I love the idea, and the execution is great!

Very good

I love all these cool real-physics games coming out. this one is very good. Only thing I would change would be to have fewer frames to move through animation-wise, or just speed up the whole thing. I love the elasticity of the leash. Hooray bungee jumping! I gave sound a 10, but I don't play with sound, and I can't not rate sound.
rating for physics: 8

Creative, Different, Unique!

all that, and one of the dumbest playing games ever encountered.

Was like watching your pubic hair grow back, but with a mouse and keyboard


I liked it

Loved it

Such an interesting concept, and ulike some similar puzzle/platforms, it isnt insanely hard or imposible.
the dog was cute, the owner was tuged allong struming his guitar. It all came together into one really nice game.
Keep it up.