Reviews for "A Walk in the Park!"


woot this was awesomenessationous game. about 15 mins later it got a lil boring. but it still gets a ten :) 2 THUMBS UP YAY.

good game!!

awsome game! :)

This Is A Brilliant Game!

This game is really fun! It's a nice puzzle game with a little physics! That old guy in the wheel chair helps make this game really interesting! This is original while well done idea, so I give it a 9/10


This is such a cute game..
It made me forget all the horrible things that are happening in the world just for one moment.
Omg I sound like a real wuss right now.. .hmmm...like I care..
Great game, very creative!

This is the best thingon strategy games!

Man, your good. Makes you think, no violence, and as someone said before me, hanging dogs off cliff is so fun!