Reviews for "A Walk in the Park!"


A simple walk has never been so entertaining before! lmao, love this game. The multidimensional graphics are pretty amazing, the gameplay is simple and the concept is unique as well. Love it, keep it going!



A bit of a mind bender... but nothing fancy. I like the music... I wish the park near my house had old guys in wheelchairs playing guitars while being dragged around by their chihuahuas. HAHA.


hey its pretty nice

nice :)

a nice calm and relaxing game :) fived 'n' faved

Sort out the speed.

I like the concept. Though it reminds me slightly of Chaotix on the 32X and 'Save the king' on globulos.com all it really shares is the link (leash) between the two characters.

I enjoyed the simple guitar music when the game began. But why did it end?

The graphics are lovely. Specially the trees that look like ice-cream cones.

What really brought this game down for me were the level design and (more importantly) the speed of movement and everything.

It may be that the game is too processor-intensive for my computer, but if that's the case, the least you could do is have quality toggle or just not disable the right-click menu. And with a 2Ghz processor 512MB RAM it seems idiotic that such a simple game should lag.

If it's a design decision, please increase the speed.

The level design did seem kinda uninspired. Though I enjoyed hanging below a platform using the leash, I felt you just didn't make enough use of the leash in the level design. And perhaps if you'd had better physics (instead of the dog's jump arc being unaffected by the weight of the wheelchair) you could've had some cool puzzles with extending/shortening leashes. Getting the guy to sit on a button whilst we navigate to the exit, extending our leash as we go, until we reach the end, is one idea that pops into my mind.

I would have liked it if we'd been able to zoom into the level previews - sometimes we can lose a level and trial and error is required unless we study the preview closely. Unfortunately, thanks to the colours and the magnification, it's hard to see where the bones are and almost impossible to make out what the various items are. A more icon-based map for a preview may have improved matters.

Ultimately, I'm sure I would have played through, enjoying it nominally and rating it 6/10 had the speed been OK. Despite the flaws, there was enough variation in the level design to give me some slight hope for the forthcoming levels.

As is, I gave up after finishing level 6. With the speed it was, it felt tortuous, frankly.