Reviews for "A Walk in the Park!"

good job.

I think that a few recent reviews have covered it. This game is a good mix between strategy and fun. The idea of it is great and so is the music, but you could stand to have more than 1 track. A 9.8 out of 10.

Enjoyable, clean-cut fun

Basically what the guy before me said. I enjoyed it- the sense of comraderie- a dog leading its owner to safety-, harmonic music and good graphics with half-decent physics involved is a breath of fresh air among the submissions that can be seen in Newgrounds today. Good job, and thanks.

Nearly ground breaking.

This truly is classy. No sleaze, no violence, just pure clean fun with magnificent physics incorporated. By the way who made the music and where can I get it?

bettR than i xpected

this is a fun game, a lot bettr than i thought it would be, great job dude keep it up.

I thought it would suck!

I wont lie! I thought this was gonna be a really boring childish game! but i decided to give it a try! I found it fun and addictive! The guitar song Rocked! The only problem is it got really OLD cause it was the ONLY SONG!....great job!