Reviews for "A Walk in the Park!"

nice chill game

i dont see this one having much shelf life though (make the last level harder) but it was a nice break from killing stuff and as was stated before the music did cut out, and that sucks cuz it was nice and added to the game. any way later dude


very nice game good graphics not to intense just pretty easy goin nice.

verry good game!

i like the way the dog walks... it was a verry nice game

keep up the good work!

Very nice game here....


Good points:
- General idea
- Graphics
- Hint system + Trainig = Great assistance

Bad points:
- Its better than my games (lol) :P

Well done.

Well done. Well done indeed. While I completed the game with no issue, you made each level so that you had to think a little more. While someone said the game was plain, I say, thats the point. It's a relaxing change from the usually destructive games we see on new grounds, and I must say, I welcome it. The music, while repetitive, was nice enough to enjoy throughout the game. You've deserved the 10's. Forgive the 0's for humor and violence, though a number higher would not be a correct fit.

Thank you for making this masterpiece. Please continue to give us nice, relaxing games.