Reviews for "Underground Army"


very good !!
you play cammand and conquer? i doo see my account or my online name,lol! good game!!

hey! great game!

loved it! cool concept, and i have NEVER seen a flash rts this advanced. great.

Great Game but.....

Could you please fix it so there is a button that says continue to start the next wave so it gives me more time to get things ready

When upgrading buildings or hiring troops please make a pause system so the game will stop then after we upgrade or such, the game will continue and ill be ready.

And could u please make so when u have 15 units and select them all. Then after we select them all we press s button so they could split up so 5 would go protect the left of the city and the other 5 would go protect the right and the 5 protect the middle of the city if enemies break through the units.

Also can u adjust it so more money comes in the income.

It would be better if u take my suggetions but it stil great.
I still give u 10/10 and 5/5

Though i wasn't stating they were problems but merely suggestions.

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

Great game

it was good
a little confusing
and it could be a little zoomed in
everything was so small

Great, except laggy

It was great, except really laggy..It was on low quality, and I had 6 units(some rifle and machine gunners plus 1 chopper) and the speed was going from 30-40%

I gave it a 5 though because the game was awesome :)