Reviews for "Underground Army"

Whoa... pretty damn sweet.

Nice game... best kind I've played like this in a while. Keep up the good work: not much criticism I can offer here.

If you like this game heres an idea.

I think this is a great game.But this idea any who likes this and multi-player games will like this.I was thinking that this would be awsome idea.Ok you would hav two cities and you would do the same thing but you could atttack too.

i love this

but dude u gatta fix the lag problem and its a little to hard i was over run by more then 15 dudes in wave 4 and that hill right next to the city pissis me off i think it should be moved back farther but other then that u have urself a badass game fun as fuck just anoying

great game

10/10, but you could've fixed the character animations when you shoot, maybe a SMALL amount of recoil, and it would be way more fun if the enemy actually looked for you better...

too much...

good but too much infantry at the start and not much time to get your civilzation up and running pretty much by the time u finish building the barracks your under attack and the money coming in is kinda too slow KINDA but all in all i liked it and all the work put into it and i found it hard to keep on top of your army