Reviews for "Underground Army"

Good but..

This is a decent game but has so much more potential in it. The 15 units rule is stupid IMO. please remove it as soon as possible. Enemies coming from both sides is extremly taxing for no apparent reason. Money comes in slowly, and understandably so, that much I did like how it was. The buildings seemed to take a very long time to be built, though this could be understandable and I never had built any commercial buildings either so I don't know how much they would have changed things, perhaps paying straight money for it to be built faster? The lack of a system to order more units quickly and easily was aggrivating to say the least. I believe that the units would sometimes move when using the minimap in the corner, I'm guessing this is a bug? And speaking of the map could you allow units to be sent directly to locations based on where you click, as well make the game larger and allow the whole map to be seen, as this is a really good feature if implemented correctly.

* Get rid of unit limit
* maybe take away both fronts, maybe just for the first few levels
*make a system so units can be ordered while they are being produced, so it chugs away at 10 units so I don't have to constantly add to it
*make the whole minimap visible at once
*units would move when clicking on the minimap
*bigger user interface, the section was very compact, open it up some more, make the whole thing wider and possibly taller, I think this would make it look much nicer (though it might be my res is up higher than yours)
*Oh yea, Please

My $0.02


Its too long and boring to play well. Its a good game but yet it lacks a real exciting quality. I didnt hate it but it was not a favorite to me it really doesnt deserve a 6 overall but im generous.

WAY too hard

this game has alot of fun potential, you need to release a second but make it a little easier, no wait, alot easier. this game got a low score cause it was so hard


I had several problems with this game, not glitches of course, just little things that alone are but minor annoyances, but together make an annoying game.

1. The cityscape is already in the back ground. How that is possible since your city doesn't even exist technically, until you build your first residential area.
2. The pricing of the buildings made little sense, I have a hard time believing that it is cheaper to build a barracks underground, as opposed to building a small town above it.
3. The units I really have no problem with, with the exception as to when the medic is available. I don't think any self respecting military would develope machine guns before having medics available to keep their soldiers alive.
4. Controling the troops seems like a waste of time on the part of the player, especially since making sure that you actually have built the building you were hoping to actually got built. There is just too much micro management for the troops, it would make sense that the soldiers would attack the enemy that is attacking their city, instead they just hang around like they are on coffee break until further notice. What I'm hammering at is that the units need better AI.

For right now that is about all I can think of, and I hope you either make another one, adding these changes, or put out a patch for this one. When you do I look forward to playing this game again.


Well i guess they say too hard cuz' they didt read that instructions
Main problem is the units are hard to control
And lagging got more and mre serious after level 10