Reviews for "Underground Army"


This lags like hell and I have an excellent comp, why the lag? I even lag like hell on low quality.:(

donty listen to the other guy

this game is so simply addicting that i just couldnt stop playing lol i started yesterday but after i stoped for the night i lost it and spent all day looking for it lol im such a freak anyway i give this game a ten in all catagories and a five on the pico votign thing lol

Great! but still needs a few things.

This would be one of my favorite games on NG if it had a few things, first of all, you should have it so you can save your game, second of all needs a pause button, third it runs slow as balls after the 2nd wave, even on low quality. but all that it's still freakin awesome


i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll give yaa this.

i would like it 2 be easier!!! have them come from 1 side!!! more Viecheles