Reviews for "Underground Army"

not bad

well continue on making this game better ^^
well overall it was great

well... good game but...

it starts to get boring and very hard... i guess its me cuz i dunno to play this game in the right way :P sry for the bad posting man... Wh4ssup was right... fix it and then your game would become one of the best ^^

it was good

i just couldnt beat them i could keep maiking units and upgrding the city but it ok


It was pretty fun, felt like I had an unfair advantage though, I agree with some of the other people who have previously commented. Less lag, more time, or more money. Any would be nice.

Overall, a lot of fun, and nice setup!


It was really good in terms of strategy.

However, they enemies were far too numerous in the earlier levels.

Plus, the lagging gets worse and worse as the game goes on because of the ammount of enemies on the screen.

The choppers are basically useless except for the fact that they can fire at a somewhat decent range.

Other than that the game was very enjoyable.

Good job. ^.^