Reviews for "Underground Army"

ya its a good game but

the thing is its got many things and then the lag screws up everything

needs improvement

its a good game but the lag is annoying and the enemies come to fast and they come from both sides its to hard to handle


dude wen i klickd on teh barrakz it snt my soljerz there 2 and no roketz except in a war factory no medics just rifle men and machine gunnerz and the alarm iz anoying


A really fun game but lags way too much i had the quality at low and all sfx and music off and it still lagged like a bitch untill wave five then i just quit.

I got all slow on me

There are a few things you need to fix.
1.your troops are kind of a hassle to handle and the medics are bumber than a sack of rats.They walk right into the line of fire
2.I got all laggish on me and nothings fun when it lags.
3.You couldn't attack any enimies base.I like to destroy my enimies instead of just taking what they dish out.
4.There weren't any comands.You need to add things like gaurd patrol etc.
And that's all I can think of, Oh and if you put a unit on the curve of that hill you can stall all the armies from coming.