Reviews for "Underground Army"


it was too hard, if you ask me.

and i gave you a 6 on graphix cuz ut kept !!!lagging!!!

other wise good, especially if it was made in less than a year. Exceptional flash takes a REAL long time.

i like

i really enjoy this game but at times it will run real slow .....and thats not good when defending your base.... but overall i like the concept

Good, but... D:

I like the concept. And nifty music. Rad right there. But LAG. D: And not because of my old compy. Set the quality to low. And I figured out why it lags for me.

On the western side, with the hill, if positioned in certain ways, the troops on both sides try to shoot at each other THROUGH THE FREAKING HILL. D: Yeah. So, good for stalling enemy units, because its a stalemate, but the buildup of enemy units eventually causes horrible lag. That, and then if anyone breaks formation on my side, BAM, big time rape from 50 overlapping enemy units. D:

So, either teeth-pulling-slow, or rape. D:

Ugh. D:

But I like the concept. Was good for a play or two.

Work on it more, please. D:

beta given up on

It seems to me like this was a beta that was just abandoned before it was done, it wasn't really enjoyable beyond five minutes into the game in which the inefficient codding caused lag that made the already difficult to use interface nearly impossible, the only way I managed to get to wave eight was causing the left invaders to shoot at a medic that got lucky and wasn't able to hit... that was at least until the scuds came in. then I gave up and said screw it. Good idea given up on. It needs more efficient coding, maybe make less units, but more valuable for both sides. The terrain defining part of the battlefield was a good idea, though it just in the end caused problems. I know I must sound extremely whiny at this point, but I have to say that it needs a bunch of work and it can become a true masterpiece, but right now I don't even want to think about it.

The gameplay was mostly good, but...

The controls sucked. The putting the mouse over the menu to deselect never worked, and the D command took about three seconds to respond, making quick movement of the units impossible, which is very important under seige. I also would occasionally find that all of my units on one side had been picked off by a rocket-trooper because they were too stupid to move within range and attack. I say you should add in an auto-retaliation thing, and also perhaps a hold ground command to turn it off. The root cause of the dis-selection problems, I admit, maybe that my computer is a slow piece of crap.