Reviews for "Underground Army"

You Should make another one...

This game was very addicting id find myself wondering why i kept playing it
Some Suggestions to improve your flash:
-its a bit too hard make it less hard
-LAGGY major lag at times
But past that it was a great game keep up the good work

Great job.

You did a good job, the waves are timed perfectly so that you don't accumulate too much money or too little in between them, and the only real complaint I had was that the bullet units tended to miss 80% of the time. The bank upgrades were a bit overpriced, although in the end they payed off. Keep up the good work!

Great Game but.....

Could you please fix it so there is a button that says continue to start the next wave so it gives me more time to get things ready

When upgrading buildings or hiring troops please make a pause system so the game will stop then after we upgrade or such, the game will continue and ill be ready.

And could u please make so when u have 15 units and select them all. Then after we select them all we press s button so they could split up so 5 would go protect the left of the city and the other 5 would go protect the right and the 5 protect the middle of the city if enemies break through the units.

Also can u adjust it so more money comes in the income.

It would be better if u take my suggetions but it stil great.
I still give u 10/10 and 5/5

Though i wasn't stating they were problems but merely suggestions.

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!


this was a good game, but it get impossible when the nuclear trucks role in and everything dies in one shot, like i tried to get to the nuclear truck before they did and you cannot do it

ive tried and i tried and ims till ogign try but its impossible

If you like this game heres an idea.

I think this is a great game.But this idea any who likes this and multi-player games will like this.I was thinking that this would be awsome idea.Ok you would hav two cities and you would do the same thing but you could atttack too.