Reviews for "Underground Army"


how can they die when theyre shooting legs?
poor game


playing the game at first seemed good and intertaining but as it went on there were a few thing that made this game horrific
1.whenever your troops or the enimies fire their guns their bullets fall causing they to monstly miss their targets why do they do that?
2. another problem i saw was that when u went to place your troops at any given position they didnt actualy go there they went nere there causing me to constanly change there position especialy in groups of people
3.at the rate of income you recieved it was extremly difficult for me to train units and buy upgrades
4.probably overall the hardest thing i had to do was defend the enimies recieved a new unit every wave, they cordinated their units better, and had better aiming(gravity effect didnt work allways on them)
more importanly addressing this problems for me would turn this into a great game

make a sequel please


idk wtf these guys are talkin about this game was excelent

Constructive critisim coming your way

try bloody harder all i can say about this is that it fails


the graphis suckd balls. the charachters dont move. lags like hell. the goddamn alarm is always on, even when i start. baracks should be already build, before you start. there is almost no chance to build the war factory very soon. you can only have 15 soldiers, while enemy has countles