Reviews for "Underground Army"

it was just too complicated.

business centers and apartment buildings does not a good defence game make. Players just want to " kill da baddies" while defending their most important possession...time... and you have waisted the time of those unfortunate enough to come across this "game" which is not even worth my vote...but i will anyway.
0/5 you rasin (since i cant curse).



No Blood?!

You're a joke you know need blood! headshoot until his head out of his neck sigh stupid game.

it just needs a bit more work

the inter face is a bit confusing and the alert noise got to me pretty fast. a tut or something would be appropriate.

The author needs to make blood

I have a problem 1.why there is no turrets to build?
2.shoots only the legs
3.no blood
4.why is there aim not strait?

please make the game good.