Reviews for "Underground Army"

bloddy brilliant

i like this game and i LOVE c@c

Terrible lag!

There was a terrible lag , and it was so bad that I could build any troops , and that made me lose the game.

way to suck

yea there are a couple things like that no matter where you click u cant unselect the troops which fucking blows and the lag and the fact that this game is stupid


It was pretty fun, felt like I had an unfair advantage though, I agree with some of the other people who have previously commented. Less lag, more time, or more money. Any would be nice.

Overall, a lot of fun, and nice setup!

srry butHHHHHHHH

man ignore every body but 2 things i knmow if i am wrong i hope nazi solderirs kill us all i say it becouase i know that i am RIGHT OK 8910 BECOASE to much lag fix the lag and you get a deffinly 10/10 i promise second its not a bad problem or a ignore for people but make more types of solderirs like super solderier carrier robots or something but i give it a 9/10 becuase of the lag youk now it might be bugs it might be conorr trogan remote slow processer it might be the danm devil for all i know .all i do know is fix the lag please man then its 10/10 ok thanks GREAT GAME MAN YOU ROCK MAKE A SEQUAL PLEASE