Reviews for "Underground Army"


its freaking annoying to have an alarm go off get rid of it make the people build quicker or have a que list that automatically build after and make the war factory abotu 500$ less idk abou the rest i kind of lost too quick

232 reviews and you still give us hell

heres a idea...... FIX T BLOODY GAME!! TO HARD<<>>
1st reason(the one i think is most important):after wave 3 theres tanks. tanks crush people... tanks sit at respwan area... recruits die when respwned since tanks just sit there and shoot the city..... lame.. plz fix
2nd: MEDICs just stand there and get shot... boring, if they heal soldiers give them motion or somthing, how do i no if they do something or not@?they jsut stand there
plz fix game.
ps.dont flash animaters have friends and family that,hmmm, idk maby test the game befor you put it out...


It was ok but the prices were way too expensive so please lower the prices and tone down the wave of armies


ITs not the best, again with the pricing of stuff, a little too high

Not bad needs improvement though

The gameplay was fun I like games like this where you have to grow and fight off people but if too many soliders out it began to lagg and the buildings are way too expensive.Lighten up the prices and make money making easier and this would be good game.