Reviews for "Underground Army"

addicting, hard

The game is great. I started to lag at wave 11 and slowly died in wave 13. I find it addicting because its hard which makes you want to play on and try to defeat the enemy. I say the game is unbeatable.

ur game

this games so cool 1 prob lag i like a challeng so enemys r ok

it was ok...

wel it was ok. the units were hard to move and i was annoyed when after i move a large number of units they would move again after trying to make more structures ect. so other then that it was kinda kool

too crap too hard

this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo broing its not great its too hard and laggy

really good game but...

things cost too much and enemies get stronger too quickly
also a bit of lag.
fortunately the gameplay makes up for this and it's an exaent concept