Reviews for "Underground Army"

slow to start

I should have actualy read the instructions before i played
I prefer strategy games from birds eye vies not from profile


This Game Gets way to slow it got down to 15% on mine
other than that it was a great game

speed slow o.o

more this game is cool and easy

good but..

you should have put fractions in like red alert or tibrum wars but the gameplay is really like C&C being a huge fan i would say that you have a reason to make a sequel to this game and you should put a story to really bring put the C&C feeling


It was really good in terms of strategy.

However, they enemies were far too numerous in the earlier levels.

Plus, the lagging gets worse and worse as the game goes on because of the ammount of enemies on the screen.

The choppers are basically useless except for the fact that they can fire at a somewhat decent range.

Other than that the game was very enjoyable.

Good job. ^.^