Reviews for "Balls On Fire"

not expected

I EXPECTED SOME CRAZY SHIT THAT WAS FULLY OF RANDOM BEATS! this has dis o point meh begon fend! Mr.Comb Scolds U o\m/o but atleast u had instruments

Maverlyn responds:

are you on drugs or something?

Badass theme song



reeeeal nice.

Kick Ass

See I plan on making a dodgeball video game in college next year or so, I had to listen to this because I saw the name and was like "Dodgeballs on fire" and this is perfect for that kind of atmosphere. Sounds all aggressive. You'd be a totally awesome guy if you did a dodgeball song. Just sayin'

Maverlyn responds:

Feel free to use it if you'd like to :)

More rocky than the other song but still great

Really like the riffs you made Wow!!!