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Reviews for "Square Divide"

Very nicely done.

the game was very simple.
very enjoyable.

and hard was... wow. =P

awesomely addictive

ummmmm if you remake it! can you please please!!!! do a better job of warning when power ups are runnin out


i have never stayed with a flash game like this one to the end. i beat all modes, and now i can say that it was extremly fun. Try another shooter. you make them really well.

TheGameHomepage responds:

Another one is on the way :)


i did easy after the third try, medium just wouldn't work, and when i was about to win, i crash (damn Murphy and his stupid law), i tried hard aswel but that was just over the top.

great game


ironskull26 must be terrible because I didnt stay in the corner like a wimp and i got 123 first try ;P Very decent game, simple but very fun. Good job.