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Reviews for "Square Divide"


You said that ther was no way we could get through HARD, I couldnet even get through Medium! Its FUN and HARD at the same time! I hate it when games are simple and fun at the same time...


I tought the game itself was really awsome and that it was pretty addictiv.

I found a easy way to beat hard mode. Just wait until you get 3 bonus (Mega Balls, Big ball and invincibility). Then take them and shoot again and again.... everything will explose really fast and all you need to do is take the lil stars... ;)

Nice game!

That was WOW

Very great and simple gameplay. Great idea and mega realisation.

Thanks author!


i finished on haard :D


why does everybody think its so hard just shot things 1 square at a time or stay in the corner shoot like a madman but dont collect any stars they both work and see if you can beat my score of 93 MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i liked this better than NEON and by the way if you are a fan neon btw neon 2 is out XDDDDDDDDDDD