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Reviews for "Square Divide"

great game

the graphics were simple but good the gameplay was great and everytyhing about it was amazing it rocked


Very good game; very well-done and professional looking. I liked how there was no laodin between modes, so you could just jump into a game right away. The controls were good and the music was awesome. Kind of reminds me of the web-game 'Block Frenzy', except with bullets. I also really liked how there were unlockables, too.

Overall, awesome game!

~ Z

i think the game is good and hard just the way i l

i think the game is good and hard just the way i like it if it wherent for the fact that my mouse freezes so i cant move alout id play it all day i beat easy but mouse freezes to much for med or hard please make a square Divide version 2 with keybourd controls so i have a chanse of winning

so fusterating

sometimes i don't get really even get close to a square and i die!!!!!Oh and heath?We have evolved from the 1 hit you die mario.but still a great game


I love it!
at the start wait ntill big bullets and mega bullet pick ups apear, grap them both and shoot the big square! IT EXPLODES!!!!