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Reviews for "Square Divide"


loved it, it was easy on easy, and hard on hard, now that may sound stupid but with most games your experienced enough to pwn hard before you get to it, not the case here ^^ one tiny glitch tho, i couldnt get one of the hard powerups after invincibility, or even after that wore off, and another, on my first try i died without touching a square on easy =/ i beat easy and medium and halfway beat hard

Very Good

It was good but too hard to be great i beat it on easy and did half on medium, I only got like one star on hard... LOL overall a good and addicting game. Anyway im off to dis on target shooting games. Bye!!!

truly awesome

without one of the most addictive flash games ever
had to play until i beat it ,then again with invincibility on
great job
keep em comin


the hard level is insain


I Loved It!
I tried hard mode, it reminded me of the manta ray storm from super mario sunshine