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Reviews for "Square Divide"

Game not working?

Game not working at the moment...




GREAT!!!!!!!!!! my highscore is only 249

So Addictive!!!

Oh man. This game is so hard and the music perfectly fits this game too! It's also pretty hypnotic and trippy as well. Just so you guys know Easy mode has 2^7 minus 1 (127) squares Medium mode has 2^9 minus 1 (511) squares and hard has 2^11 minus 1 (2047) squares. The last thing you unlock for hard mode is constant invincibility.

Yea, I beat it and it took an hour or so to beat it. Basically all I did was to combine the big bullet bonus and the mega bullet bonus together, fire at a big square near a wall (so that your next bullet comes faster) and then you just keep clicking to get as many squares as you can. However, make sure you keep grabbing the invincibility bonus so that you stay alive! In any case, awesome game!! :)


i finished on haard :D