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Reviews for "Square Divide"


Well not that it was bad or anything, but it seems like i've played this many times before

The levels were too long

The game is unoriginal, as I've played some games like that. First of all, easy mode was kind of long, and the box you play in was too small for a square that took a lot of space it. Secondly, it's hard to dodge the squares then shoot at them. Third, the boxes took too long to completely destroy it, because you divided them in half too much. Fourth, the music makes you get sleepy.


I tought the game itself was really awsome and that it was pretty addictiv.

I found a easy way to beat hard mode. Just wait until you get 3 bonus (Mega Balls, Big ball and invincibility). Then take them and shoot again and again.... everything will explose really fast and all you need to do is take the lil stars... ;)

Nice game!


The controls were a bit awkward. While there's no lag problems at all with the mouse, I find significant difficulty in precise turning with the mouse to shoot. Since you need to move to do small turns, tight-quarter-box-shooting becomes a pain in the ass. The major reason behind this is because the player can only turn at huge angles (45+) while stationary... Might want to fix that, it'll make the game much more playable.

It was okay

It was a pretty good game but the controls could have been a little better. Also that there was really no way to tell which direction you were facing until you shot or moved.