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Reviews for "Square Divide"


This is the second awsome game I added to the favorites. Nice job, supremely addicting.

TheGameHomepage responds:

Thanks :)


Addictive as hell. I'm not sure what one guy was talking about with the controls, but I found this to be an incredible game. On Hard mode, if you wait for an invincibility powerup and a Big Bullet powerup and collect the invincibility first and the Bullet one right after and click like crazy, there's a chance that you can get infinite Big Bullets. Worked a few times for me.

TheGameHomepage responds:

I don't get the complaints about the controls either, they work well for me, prehaps the reviewer has a sticky mouse. Also thanks for the heads up about the big bullets thing. I could be mean and fix it but ah, it's actually pretty neat, I finally beat hard!

Great game

Needs some kind of save thingy
REALLY frustrating when you have two left and you die and have to start over again


It was an ok game, very addictive, but very repetetive.

Once i got to hard mode, it made my computer lagg with the ammount of boxes i had to take out, got to around 450 on hard mode before it got a bit boring and too hard.

TheGameHomepage responds:

A few ppl have mentioned slow down, if I make a sequel I will see if I can streamline some of the code :)

I liked it

I thought it was pretty good. The only things I didn't like were how many times you had to shoot the square(s) for it to explode completely, the lack of diversity in the upgrades, and the controls for the ship. You couldn't tell which direction you were facing. I also would have liked it if you could shoot faster, but that's not too big a problem. But, other than that, It's a cool game. What is the name of the song? =P