Reviews for "Apocalypse [Suspense] RD2011"


LOVING the atmosphere of this song. The beginning just sets such an amazing mood, destruction and debris riddle the land as those few humans run from cover to cover in an attempt to escape. As the camera pans up you see the once busy city nearly gone, the machines nearly completely taken over.

Anyway, aside from my imagination, I do find this to be a fantastic peace, my only quarrel with it is towards the middle I feel the Apocalyptic feel is slightly lost as the mood lightens, but it's your song :P

Nice work

MrMusicalLion responds:

Ah yes, you're right the feeling of the apocalypse is slightly lost, yet it is like the part where the last Hero has his final attempt to save the world from destruction - but then even his efforts are not enough to turn it all around. Thanks for the review! Loving your comments/insight ^_^

Cheers :D

Edit: Lol, fantastic peace? ;) had to mention it, made me chuckle in lieu of the statement that followed it :P

The end is here

Awesome job with the atmosphere of this one, it conveys a sense of destruction, desolation, all that great stuff. The synth makes it sound like a robot apocalypse, like the Matrix.

Really good job with the supporting rhythms that are consistent throughout the piece. The choir/string chords also really help to set the tone. It's like staring at a vast field of broken machinery and smoldering wreckage, and not a soul around...

Really awesome job here. Keep it up!

MrMusicalLion responds:

I thought I had replied to this review.. how odd! Anyways; I'll reply now ^_^

To me, this also conveys another story too, as well as showing a robotic apocalypse, it also feels like it could be a piece of music that would go very well with a Modern Desert Warfare film, I can imagine this music played with a scene where you zoom into a group of helicopters flying over the desert in the evening, approaching their target with haste.. then later on it feels like it could be describing the nearby struggles in the Ocean, battleships and submarines locked in perpetual fiery exchanges. Something like that :)

Thanks for the review! :D I shall be making more today hopefully :)