Reviews for "Apocalypse [Suspense] RD2011"

I really like this

The beginning is perfect it fits the title "apocalypse" wonderfully... the only reason why i rate a 9 is because towards the end you lose the "apocalyptic/ imminent death" feel that the song generates at the beginning.
Other than that, i love it. Me and my friends are going to start filming youtube videos sometime soon and we are obsessed with zombies so this would be a perfect song to use in a zombie video
Great job

MrMusicalLion responds:

Interesting. Well the exact visuals I had for this was a battle in space.. so towards the end, what you are hearing are the last few spacecraft whizzing around as the main battleship/death star is exploding and breaking into large chunks.

Anywho feel free to use this music as you wish, so long as you credit me correctly. :)

Loved The Song!

I listened to a bit of it before i logged in and i was taken by its incredible effect to make me zone out. but i hoped it would pick up right after the beginning because i'm working on a movie project and i need an action sequence piece but one thing i loved about this is the piano that takes over around 3:20? Thanks for the Music!

Good Luck with your future productions!


MrMusicalLion responds:

What sorta thing you working on? Let me know the action sequence etc and I may be able to get something together for you, inbox me :)

My opinion

Instead of a long explanation of why I think this song is better than the other guys, or just a long drawn out review.

XD GOOD JOB! Have A BIG! slice of cake!!!!!! yay!

MrMusicalLion responds:

haha I think this made my day.
Oh and CAKE! -nom- :P

A beautiful, strange, apocalyptic piece.

I love how everything fits together, escpecially around 2:50, plus the beggining. The piano, techno sounds, and violin make this a great piece. The thing I liked most about this though was how it changed. It felt like i was walking through an apocalyptic cityscape, and as it went on i was fighting battles and at the end i finally made it to a safe great place. This was defintly one of my favorite songs on newgrounds.

MrMusicalLion responds:

One thing to note about this piece is that the slightly distorted Trumpet is very carefully scored so that you are subtly led into a feeling of an imminent war that is approaching closer to where you are. Without the trumpet, the feeling of the apocalypse would not be so strong :)

Thanks, Glad you like the music :D

Absolutely glorious

I can't get over the beautiful atmosphere in this entire piece. The beginning and ending were PERFECT, and I fell in love with the moving strings at 2:40 and beyond. I just put this on my personal playlist. :)

I do have a question for you though. I am making a small game series in my spare time (non-flash), and am planning a few video teasers and trailers. Would it be alright if I used this piece in one of them? It'd go on youtube, and I'll happily provide this NG link.

Anyway, in short, this is both beautiful and deliciously suspenseful. I absolutely love it.

MrMusicalLion responds:

It would be totally fine for you to use this! ^_^ Thanks for asking, good luck with the projects! :D Thanks for the totally awesome review; Glad you enjoyed it! -musical mastermind at your service- :P