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Reviews for "Pootris"

Awesome and refreshing !

Even tough it was tetris-like, you found a very original way to refresh the concept by adding puzzle complexity ^^. Congrats for a well-done work.

Good game concept!

I gave this a 5! Its the sickest, most unbelievable piece of innovation... ok thats a bit too many words, but yeah the idea behind this is great. Its a perfect parody of tetris, so well incorporated into sh*t!

I like the concept, and I think it could make an awesome game. All it needs is some refining. A way to get rid of useless blocks, that don't connect to anything. More variety of blocks, like maybe 2 or 3 cubes together, and you know tweaks and stuff.

Graphics might need some work, but the sound was good. Overall good job on it! Can't wait for version 2!

nice new concept

its a good mix between two games i played for ages in the good ol' days
nice work!

Not that bad

Hilllariuos game with a little tetris on the side not that bad

great game

had fun with it