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Reviews for "Pootris"

i made my highest level today!=D... 3. :/

hey, we all cant be perfect, but i digress. the game is amazing. the graphics are stellar, although at a disadvantage because the're so crappy (get it? crappy? hahaha, hehe, heh heh, sigh). the game reminds me of another game i used to play on another website, but it is definitely different. sound is nice, and gameplay, again, is crappy, but it is really smooth and soft crap (ew). overall, it is a nice piece, and it makes sharing a stall with the catbox almost enjoyable.

This is just hilarious. XD My brother loves it when I play it and likes seeing the character in the beginning of the game change color and whatnot.

The higer levels above 7 were a little too fast, but it's still good.


*fart sound*

10 for humor and style. A very addicting game and original idea. Music is freaking annoying after a while! >.<

great game

had fun with it

cool game

it was fun but really wats sith the poo theme today?