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Reviews for "Pootris"

Not bad. Good concept, poor execution.

There's no way to get rid of blocks that get stuck on the bottom that don't connect to anything, they just pile up and eventually get you killed. And with how the piece dropping is, where you'll get 5 of the same piece in a row dropped, you just get too many useless pieces at a time.

Over responsive..

Game annoyed me, truly. The down key would most of the time would make me down one, and then another...before I could even let my finger off of it. The sound was ripped off, it looked very bland, and poo jokes aren't really that funny anymore...now penis jokes, those are funny. Not that great of a game, didn't enjoy it.


This would have been a great game, but the controls were so hyper-sensitive that I found it unplayable. Make the blocks rotate slower, and fix the down button.

funny but flawed. make it like real tetris and not like the puzzles in bioshock. and maybe some sound.

this is bs

you mean i waited hours for a game that is an obvious ripoff of another game on this site? Not only is the plot horrible but also digusting. The graphics are horrible as well as the sound. Fianlly it is just really annoyint ot try to play.