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Reviews for "Pootris"

Potty Humor

The mix of pipe master and tetris was just a bit to cliche. Try something a little more entertaining.


You got a 6 just because it was completely original. But the dead end blocks ruined everything. That's what the powerups are for you say? Okay, except you CANNOT click to use powerups once things start moving. Which is where you start eneding them. I died trying to use one. That defeats their purpose. I'd kill for a version with at least half as many dead end blocks and an integrated powerup system instead - where they appear randomly instead of blocks.

ehhhh game

this game IS fun but after a little while ya get sick of it 6/10 for great combo game and funny purpose


meh. it seamed like i got the same 2 tiles 6 times in a row.

like the graphic.

the game is quite boring bt the cartoon char looks amazing and cute and the music is v classic and im lurv the music, sadly, only.