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Reviews for "Pootris"

Poo everywhere!

Newgrounds has poo games featured all over. Out of all of them, this was the best - I was finally able to give kind of a high rating. The gameplay is fun and addicting, the music is a little catchy (wears thin after awhile though) and the "storyline" is something most everybody is fascinated in, especially us immature types. I'll come back to play more, good job.


it was a good game but creepy at the same time....I like it nice work

Not bad...

Tetris + Pipe Dream + Potty Humor = A fairly fun game. Not incredible, but not bad either.


freaky game but its a pretty average game u can do better

Happy April Fools!

Guys still don't know why there's a poop theme? Look at the Newgrounds banner.