Reviews for "Pootris"

Not that bad

Hilllariuos game with a little tetris on the side not that bad

*fart sound*

10 for humor and style. A very addicting game and original idea. Music is freaking annoying after a while! >.<

The music.... Kill the music...

So yeah, deadly game and all that. Only thing is that damn tetris remix does my head in. It means after about 10min of playing I have to give up. Can you just add a toggle switch to the settings? Cause other than that its a really good game.

freeworldgroup responds:

there is a toggle switch...

Brilliant Potty Joke at its best

LOL man this game is freaking amazing u manage to make Potty joke funny and interactive i only play this for only 10 min but i can keep play with out laughing about this game it just so damn funny keep up the good work XD LOL


This games awesome and just plain funny.