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Reviews for "Pootris"


What's with the poop theme today? Good game. Hard.

Poo everywhere!

Newgrounds has poo games featured all over. Out of all of them, this was the best - I was finally able to give kind of a high rating. The gameplay is fun and addicting, the music is a little catchy (wears thin after awhile though) and the "storyline" is something most everybody is fascinated in, especially us immature types. I'll come back to play more, good job.

i made my highest level today!=D... 3. :/

hey, we all cant be perfect, but i digress. the game is amazing. the graphics are stellar, although at a disadvantage because the're so crappy (get it? crappy? hahaha, hehe, heh heh, sigh). the game reminds me of another game i used to play on another website, but it is definitely different. sound is nice, and gameplay, again, is crappy, but it is really smooth and soft crap (ew). overall, it is a nice piece, and it makes sharing a stall with the catbox almost enjoyable.

This classic-game fusion worked out pretty well.

This game was sort of addicting for a while there. Kudos on meshing Tetris with Pipe Dream! I had a couple of issues with the game, but nothing major. The only thing worth mentioning (if I remember correctly) was that when I pressed the drop key, I couldn't stop and move the piece around. This could be something you don't want and that's fine.

Great game

fabulous- only one complaint:

A lot of old tetris players are used to having to hold the drop key/button. On this version, (if you do that) it will drop the next block too, even if you release before the next block.

If you can, it would be nice to get a version that has some type of way to cancel keystrokes between blocks. :)

Other than that, as a tetris player, I have to say that this work is fabulous.